A) General Conditions of Use;

The contract entered into by the User and WalletSaver S.r.l (hereinafter: "WalletSaver") involves the User's reading, full agreement and acceptance of the General Conditions of the contract, the Privacy and Copyright Policy, which are given below and which legally regulate the fruition and use of the software, the services covered by registration and its contents.

WalletSaver reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time, and will make these changes known on its home page and/or by fully publishing the changes in this section.

The fruition and use of the WalletSaver Services is subject to the creation of a specific account.

Please contact "WalletSaver" at the e-mail address [email protected] or by filling out the form in the 'Contact us' section for any questions relative to the use of WalletSaver functions.

The services and information included in WalletSaver app are free. Please contact "WalletSaver" at the e-mail address given above or by filling out the form in the 'Contact us' section for any questions or communications regarding the material shown without creating an account.


Acceptance of the General Terms of Use

The fruition and use of the WalletSaver services is subject to acceptance of these General Conditions.

The user is invited to carefully read the contents of these General Conditions and should be reminded that the fruition and use of the Services provided are consequential to the acceptance of the same.

The use of the Services by the User shall be equivalent to the implicit acceptance of these Conditions.

The User may not use the Services and may not accept the General Conditions if:

The use and/or fruition of the Services is banned or legally prohibited under the law.

Changes to the General Condition of use and the implicit acceptance without prejudice to WalletSaver's right to modify these General Conditions at any time, the User who will use the WalletSaver contents subsequent to this modification shall tacitly accept their renewed contents.

Each WalletSaver User must read the General Conditions to ensure the presence of changes.


By subscribing to WalletSaver, the User declares to use the Services provided in accordance with applicable law, these General Conditions and the Privacy and Copyright Policy.

Creating a personal account - User Liability

The User wishing to receive and use WalletSaver Services must create a user account through the guided registration procedure where it may be required to provide certain personally identifiable information, including but not limited to user's name, email, phone number, mobile carrier, users social profile, location, contacts, calls, sms and location.

When recording and entering his/her data, the User will be guided by preset messages.

At its sole judgment and discretion, WalletSaver reserves the right to disable the account if inappropriate and/or censurable behaviour is detected, or reported directly by the Users.

Each registered User will be required to preserve his/her access data and maintain the privacy thereof.

The holder of a personal account will be obligated to immediately report of any unauthorized use of his/her username and password.

The User is the sole person liable for all activity carried out on his/her account and is responsible for any damages caused by improper use of his/her access information by third parties and/or misuse of the Services provided.

The User's liability is extended to WalletSaver and third parties affected or damaged by incorrect or improper use of the Services.

Limitations on Use of WalletSaver Services

WalletSaver enables its User holding an account to use the granted Services in accordance with these Conditions, the violation of which will legitimize WalletSaver to terminate the contract.

Each User agrees:

a. To not use the Services for commercial or advertising purposes without the express authorization of WalletSaver;

b. to collect and disclose personal data about other registered Users;

c. that WalletSaver has the discretion to interrupt (temporarily or permanently) the provision of services without prior notice;

He/she has the sole responsibility for any breach of the obligations covered by these General Conditions, including any loss or damage, and in relation to third parties or WalletSaver, and that WalletSaver or third parties are completely free from relative liability.

Duration of the Contract - Rescission - Withdrawal

The contract has an unlimited duration.

The registered User may withdrawal from the contract at any time for any reason, by giving written notice to WalletSaver, which may also be sent via e-mail to f [email protected]

WalletSaver may terminate the contract at any time due to the User's breach of violation of these General Conditions, blatant failure to comply with the same or intention not to adhere to the same or if WalletSaver must terminate the contract pursuant to the law; WalletSaver's rescission must take place as follows:

a. By sending notice to the e-mail address provided during the User registration process;

b. By closing the User's account.

c. Upon termination of this Contract, as a result of the above, all of the User's Contents, data and Access rights present on WalletSaver will be deleted.

d. Upon termination of this Contract, all of the legal rights, obligations and responsibilities that may have accrued and to which the User and WalletSaver have been subject will not be affected.

Exclusion of Warranties

The provisions of these General Conditions shall not affect any right, can not be contractually modified or waived and may not be legally recognized to each User as a "consumer".

The Services are provided "as is" and WalletSaver does not grant or recognize to the User guarantees regarding the features, quality and methods of use of the Services provided and the overall functionality and mode of use of the software and the website.

WalletSaver neither warrants nor represents that:

a. The use of the Services will meet the User's requirements;

b. The use of the Services will be timely, uninterrupted or error free;

c. The use and functional features of any of the software provided as part of the Services will be free of defects.

No condition, warranty and other terms (even if implicitly related to satisfactory quality, suitability for purpose or conformity with the description) will be applied to the Services beyond what is expressly provided in these General Conditions.

WalletSaver software and website

WalletSaver has proprietary rights on its software and website.

The aforementioned full content is subjected to WalletSaver's intellectual property rights and trademark, and cannot be used in any way without the express permission of WalletSaver.

WalletSaver's Limits of Liability

In addition to the exclusions and/or limits of liability already required by applicable law, WalletSaver will not be liable to the User for:

a. Any loss of goodwill or business reputation, profit, whether direct or indirect, data, either direct, indirect or consequential;

b. Any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage that the Users could suffer as a result of:

c. Any changes that WalletSaver may make to the Services, or for any permanent or temporary cessation in the provision thereof;

d. Deletion, corruption or failure to store any Content as well as the communication of data, maintained or transmitted by or through the user of the Services by the User;

e. The User's failure to supply accurate information on his/her account;

f. The User's failure to maintain the utmost security and confidentiality regarding the password or account details.

Applicable Law - Jurisdiction

Italian law governs the relationship between WalletSaver and the User and these General Conditions.

The Court of Rome will settle any dispute arising from these General Conditions (interpretation, performance, termination, etc.).

General Conditions

If WalletSaver does not exercise their rights or legal action benefits, this shall not be deemed as a waiver of such, and these shall always be available.

If a Court with competence in the matter and with jurisdiction deems the invalidity of one of the aforementioned clauses of the General Conditions of use, this clause will be removed from the contract while the remaining Conditions will remain in effect.

WalletSaver may send any communication to its User by sending e-mail, regular mail, or postings on its website or on its mobile software.

The User states that he/she has read, understands, expressly agrees and adheres to the WalletSaver "Terms of Use", including: (A) articles 1), 2), 3), 4), 5), 6), 7), 8), 9), 10) and 11) of the Terms and Conditions.

The User declares to have read, accepts and expressly approves of the following articles of (A) the General Conditions: Article 1 Acceptance of the General Terms of use - Article 2. Changes to the General Terms of use and their implicit acceptance - Article 4.Creating a personal account - User Liability - Article 5. Limited use of the Services - Article 7.Exclusion of WalletSaver's Warranties - Article 9. Limitations of WalletSaver's Liabilities - Article 10. Applicable Law - Jurisdiction