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WalletSaver is an app that suggests the most suitable tariff plan for you, according to your consumption data. It's free, fast and accurate!

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Your Consumption

We base our analysis on your actual phone usage, extracting consumption data directly from your smartphone.

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Save Money

WalletSaver lets you save money on your phone bills by suggesting you the tariff plans that best fit your phone usage profile.

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Unique Accuracy

So far we are the only one to consider the mobile operator of the called numbers, making our analysis around 100% accurate.

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Best Network

We indentify which mobile operator has the best signal coverage in the places you use your smartphone the most.

What We Do

Saving money on your phone bills has never been so easy

Our Analysis

By analyzing your consumption profile, WalletSaver lets you know which tariff plan is best for you, ensuring you real savings on your phone bills with no effort. We analyze:

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Incoming/outgoing call

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Internet 4G/3G/2G

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Mobile operator of Called Numbers

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Signal Coverage

Why should we suggest you a tariff plan of a carrier that does not offer good signal coverage where you use your phone? WalletSaver strives to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your phone usage, so we also suggest you the operator with the best signal coverage in the places you use your smartphone the most by analyzing:

Signal strength of incoming/outgoing calls

Internet connection quality

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Time to Switch

There is a marketplace for almost everything...why not for tariff plans?
With WalletSaver you will be able to buy your tariff plan or switch operator comfortably from your sofa! We are strongly working on it!

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We have done so much for improving technology, now it’s time it actually helps us in our daily life. Our analysis is based on a complex set of calculations but our app provides all analyses in an easily accessible fashion. There is no effort required on the side of the user, everything happens with few clicks.


If we are going to make suggestions, they must be reliable. That’s why we don’t like to make estimations, but rather we always base our analysis on real data. Did you know that in 58% of Italian phone calls the mobile operator of the caller is the same of the receiver? There are tons of special offers that consider this variable! That’s why we also consider the mobile operator of the called numbers.


WalletSaver is a service created by users for users. Our suggestions are only the result of mathematical computations and not affected by any agreement with Telcos. In order to believe us, you may be wondering about how we make money. So far we don’t! For now we just strive to suggest the best possible tariff plans with our free app. In the future we may start charging new users that download our app.


We take your privacy seriously. Indeed WalletSaver does not analyze any personal information and only manages data at an aggregate level in order to provide an accurate and efficient service.

Our Team

  • Giacomo Putignano

    Giacomo Putignano

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Jacopo Soria

    Jacopo Soria

    CMO & Co-Founder

  • Claudio Sparpaglione CTO & Co-Founder

    Claudio Sparpaglione

    CTO & Co-Founder

  • Valeriy Palamarchuk

    Valeriy Palamarchuk

    Android Developer

  • Silvia Santos

    Silvia Santos

    iOS Developer

  • Iovel Fessha - Data Scientist

    Iovel Fessha

    Data Scientist

  • Enrico Santoemma

    Enrico Santoemma

    Algorithm Engineer

  • Thiago Pappacena

    Thiago Pappacena

    Backend Engineer



The idea WalletSaver was born in Shanghai, when Giacomo (our CEO) had to decide which tariff plan to choose. Seems hard? Well...trust us, it’s way harder than you think when everything is written in Chinese!!

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Once back from China, WalletSaver became a university project for Entrepreneur and VC class held by Prof. Luigi Capello. Then we exploited all the potentialities offered by iLab, which helped us better structure our idea.

InnovAction Lab

Finally we moved from an idea to a real startup thanks to InnovAction Lab, one of the most important startup schools in Italy, where we obtained 2nd place at its National Contest, winning a trip to Israel.

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New Team

In the startup environment you always need to embrace change. We experienced it on our skins when we had to reorganize the team with our two new awesome resources! Antonio and Jacopo!


After forming a great team, you just need money, and we got it! We obtained funds from both a public and a private investor.

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Lisbon Challenge: The Most Challenging Startup Accelorator in Europe.

Lisbon Challenge

We’ve been selected for the Lisbon Challenge, one of the best acceleration program in Europe! Do you know what it means? Follows us on Blog!

FinTech Accelerator

Some more amazing and unexpected news, we’ve also been accepted for the first UniCredit acceleration program in Milan! Let’s join the FinTech Accelerator!

#FinTechConnect, UniCredit Start Lab
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What next?

We are growing every day, who knows where we’ll go in the future… stay tuned to be updated!


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