Frequently Asked Questions

WalletSaver analyzes how much you use your smartphone (calls, SMS, internet data) and, thanks to our algorithm, it’s able to suggest you which are the best mobile plans for your consumption profile. So far, we are the only one that can provide a comparison service based on real data and not simple statistics.
Mobile plans are quite complex and, in order to suggest you statistically accurate and personalized results, we analyze: outgoing calls, sent SMS, internet data and mobile carrier of the number you call the most (so we can also suggest you plans that give unlimited minutes to specific carriers).
Once you install WalletSaver, we try to fetch your historical data in order to understand which consumption profile you have. If we don’t find any reliable data, we use an adjusted average for calls and SMS and a minimum of 500MB per month. These data will be discarded once we start tracking your real behaviour.
Privacy protection is super important for us. We are not a huge company, nor a governative agency; we are simply a group of young guys that thrill to help people in saving money. The information we manage are needed only to offer you a flawless service.
Unfortunately we cannot understand how much internet data you’ve consumed before installing WalletSaver. For this reason, in the first analysis the internet traffic used might not reflect your real monthly consumption. However, the longer you keep our app installed, the more our suggestions will be influenced by your actual internet consumption.
We are always watching for new plans that fit your profile! This means that as soon as we discover that there are new plans or that the previous analysis is not so convenient anymore, we send you a new analysis.
In order to discover the carrier of the number you call we use an external paid service. By paiding a small amount of money we can offer you this service. We hope you’ll find it useful!
Tariffs are considered per-month.
The accuracy of our comparison analysis is strictly related to the amount of consumption data we gather. The more data we have the more reliable our analysis will be. For this reason, try to keep the WalletSaver installed as much as possible, so you’ll receive suggestions more and more accurate.
First of all, as we said, the more you keep the app installed, the better the analysis we provide will be. Second, you’ll be able to constantly keep track of how much you use the smartphone and if you are reaching the threshold given by your plan. Third, WalletSaver will notify you every time we’ll add in the database a new plan that could make you save money. This means that, as long as you keep WalletSaver installed, you can always be sure that you’ll be up to date with the best plans on the market for you. Finally, well, let’s just say that we have some interesting new features we want to implement soon!
The registration is really important in order to provide you our service. We need to identify in a unique way each user to encure the right communication between app and servers.
Something went wrong? Didn’t you like our app? We are always available to solve every problem you might have! However, if you really want to be deleted, simply send us an email to [email protected] where you specify the email address and the phone number you used in the registration. Within 24 hours we’ll delete your account.
Write us at [email protected] to send us feedbacks or comments. We’ll be more than happy to keep in touch with you and help you with any problem or doubt you might have!
Yes, the only way to keep track of how many minute and SMS you consumed, is by using our app to make phone calls and send SMS. Whereas for the internet traffic you don’t need to do anything. Each calls and SMS you do outside the app will not be taken into account for Statistics, Monitoring and the comparison analysis.
Unfortunaltey, you’ll receive an analysis that will be based on a consumption profile that does not reflect your real phone usage.
Unfortunately Apple does not allow to have this information. For this reason, we cannot manage any type of incoming calls. However, we would really love to become the “masters” of all outgoing calls. You can discover which is the carrier of the numbers you call through our app and you can also set up reminders in order to remind yourself to call specific contacts (you just need to go on “Recents” and, while holding on the contact name, swipe to the right.
We’ve solved many problems, starting from the Dialer: with WalletSaver you can easily edit the phone numbers you dialed, without the need to rewrite them from scratch. Furthermore, through our app you can easily call and send SMS, without the need to change app. Is it enough? Indeed, this is not all we are providing! Finally you will be able to discover the carriers of all the phone numbers you call from our app. However, we are all looking forward to implement new amazing features! Actually, if you have any suggestion, why don’t you tell us what you would like to have?